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Helen and Phil’s Wedding June 2021

Worth the Wait!

They say all good things come to those who wait and our wedding was certainly no exception. Phil and I should have married a year before in Florence, Italy but alas Covid thwarted ours plans, not once …. but twice!

Like many others, we were forced to look closer to home for our special day and now looking back – we wouldn’t have had it any other way! It was meant to be as on the 1st June 2021 the sun was shining and the day was certainly worth the wait as we tied the knot surrounded by loved ones at the historic Giggleswick School Chapel; a place very close to our hearts as it is where Phil actually boarded from the age of 8.

We were honoured to be granted a special licence from The Archbishop of Canterbury which is permission to marry at a particular location that has a specific connection to the couple getting married. Phil’s memories of school were extremely happy and this place was to become so special to us both.

Opened in 1901, the grade II listed building was built to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria as a gift from Walter Morrison of Malham. It’s a simply stunning piece of architecture and happy blend of Byzantine and Gothic style with a distinctive copper dome that stands proud on the landscape over Settle and internally the most striking Italian marble floor.

But now to the dress! The original dress I chose was from a London couture designer but since we weren’t getting married in Florence, it just didn’t feel right. An inner sense telling me it just wasn’t fitting for our new venue and UK wedding.

So I changed it and when choosing my new dream dress, I opted for a local boutique and had the most incredible experience buying it – it was this experience I want to emulate here at Inspired Bridal too.

To bring the look together, I opted for a headdress from Rachel Trevor Morgan (milliner to the late Queen) and gosh, it certainly felt like a royal experience having this bespoke creation made. The inspiration for the feathers that adorned the piece was Swan Lake – memories from my childhood when I trained as a ballerina. Of course, it meant the world to walk down the aisle to Swan Lake too!

So, what were my four! My something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?

It had to be my choice of jewellery.

I wore my grandmother’s old wedding ring on my right hand. My new Platinum wedding band, my blue engagement ring and I was fortunate to have borrowed a set of Pearl earrings and a bracelet from a brand I adore, Ungar and Ungar.

Truth be told, I couldn’t be parted from the earrings so bought them afterwards from our close friends Bernard and Ruth Ungar who were also guests at our wedding.

As for our honeymoon – it had to be Florence of course when we were allowed to travel again.

So that’s my wedding story – how can I help you create yours?

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